VivoDigi Ad Services

Advertise on the VivoDigi network!

Advertise on the VivoDigi network! Choose a screen based on location or target demographic. For example, if your target audience is predominantly female in the 40 to 50 age range, we can find the screen that is ideal for you and even create a reactive ad based on those parameters.

Advertising your business on the exclusive VivoDigi Network creates more hyper local attention for your brand vs. using online advertising. Reporting and analytics included on all digi displays in our network. Have us make you an eye-catching advertisement and place this Ad based on: Demographics (gender, age, dwell time, etc). Or BYOA (Bring Your Own Ad).

Custom Campaign Created by Us

Let the creatives at VivoDigi produce for your business a custom designed client responsive campaign for the ultimate advertising experience. With the ability to drive a campaign based on your target audience we can have our Digi-Displays react to your targeted demographic.

Digital Signage & Displays

It is no secret that the customer’s experience in a store greatly impacts their decision-making process. As such, it has become increasingly important to provide an informative and engaging in-store experience for customers via digital signage.

Choose from our range of digital displays from Kiosks to Touch Screen Command Station. Combine our digital signage with customized content to tailor messages to a variety of audiences while also providing information regarding purchases that may be on viewers’ radar, and we can update these messages on a monthly basis so we are always promoting what is important to your business in real time. 

Digital signs not only support businesses by directing the flow of traffic, but have found great success among retailers as a dynamic opportunity for revenue generation with targeted advertising opportunities or promotions transmitted onto LCD screens inside stores.

Content and Creation

Custom high end advertisements made by our team with more than 15+ years of experience. Ditch the budget or value Ad creators and have us WOW you with our work. Plus packages that include the premium screens and multiple advertisements per month, we can keep up with seasonal retail demands.

On the reactive AD price module, you will have to change that picture because the kiosks are not interactive so it is a little misleading.

Ad Placement Choices

Will be displayed on certain screens within the network


Single Location as low as $10 a day

A single location is defined as one business location that a screen has been installed at. We will generally add the screen in an area of the business that has a lot of foot traffic.


Multiple Locations as low as $15 a day

This is the best choice since you will have more opportunities for your ad to be seen at different businesses in the network.


Entire Network contact us for a quote

We can add your ad in all the businesses we have for the maximum coverture.

Type of Ads

Choose from static, animated or reactive.


This is your typical non-animated ad that shows only one capture.


This gets more attention than the static since it will show animations that will attract the foot traffic.


this type of ad is the creme of the crop.  You can have the ad show to certain demographics.  So, if you are a jewelry store and a woman stops by the screen it will change the ad to be focused more on women’s interests; i.e. will show a woman wearing a bracelet.  However, if a man stands in front, the ad could be configured so it could show a man purchasing a wedding ring at the store.

Partner Program

A Digi-Display Can Make You Cash!

Take advantage of the daily traffic at your venue or business. Earn Ad credit or cash as a VivoDigi content distribution partner.

We can install a Digi-Display at your location and will show ads from other businesses in our network that would like to advertise to prospective customers. You will get a part of the revenue by “renting” your location to other businesses.

Vivo Plus

Earn Distribution Credits for Your Ads!

Promote your business at your location and distribute your Content on our network, with reporting and analytics included. Credit/revenue system for having other businesses advertise on your Digi-Display.

Achieve targeted campaigns based on demographics & analytics. We create quarterly marketing consultation to review the analytics with all our customers to help them better advertise to their audience.


Rent the Digi Display

One time use of a display

Have a special event and you want a digital display? VivoDigi Event rentals add a flare and dominant presence to publish event content and recognize all parties in one kiosk. Ask us for details on how we help bring your event to life.

POP Displays

Revolutionize how you sell your products within retail stores with a VivoDigi POP display. We are able to provide the same type of reporting, content, and engagement as our other products. With the ability to leverage smaller more compact designs, we are confident we can take your POP or product display to the next level.

Camera Analytics & Reporting

VivoDigi captures everything happening in the space such as audience analytics ,product interactions, and conversions.This provides you with other insights into how your customers move throughout the store and interacts with your display.

All this data can then be used for targeted marketing campaigns so that you are conducting business efficiently and profitably every single day.

A multifaceted analytic solution that caters to the needs of your business. At VivoDigi, we know that it’s not only important for your business to be data-smart but also innovative so you can identify new opportunities in an exceptionally growing digital economy. With our solutions for both customer analysis and digital display, you’ll be able to better manage customer demographics while promoting your brand in a more sophisticated way.

We gather these Audience Analytics and provide you with a report:



Meta Data


Audience Count


Ad Display Frequency


Sex (Male, Female, Undefined)


Age Group Reporting




Recognition Vs Passerby


Time of Day