About Us

Digital Signage and DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) has a new face in Texas! Not only do we provide state of the art digital displays, but we also pair them with our advanced analytics software to maximize our customers’ marketing spend.

Our software not only works the back end of the display making content updates seamless, but it can also leverage our cameras to provide businesses with the demographics of their audience. Giving business owners invaluable demographic data that strengthens their marketing solutions.

We conduct ongoing meetings with our customers to ensure the ads are on schedule, discuss how to better market to the customers based on the demographic information we capture, and to help strategize their next marketing campaign. So, ditch the signage company who hasn’t updated your content in months and partner with a team that is only satisfied when your marketing is maximized!

DOOH Lets you engage with a broad consumer audience of potential buyers while achieving your campaign and business goals without human intervention – resulting in better-targeted impressions for less money spent. Now consider what’s possible: increased conversion rates, decreased online cost per acquisition (CPA), improved brand equity ratings and much more!

Backed by 15+ years of industry experience.

While other digital signage providers can only provide very basic screens and mediocre ads, VivoDigi provides agency grade advertisements backed by 15+ years of industry experience.