Retail & Malls

VivoDigi is an AI-powered analytics and marketing technology company.

Using analytics, VivoDigi provides retailers in malls and the retail space with solutions to create a personalized customer experience. They do this by capturing customer data from multiple sources like Bluetooth devices, footfall sensors, events calendars and social media engagement – then transforming that information into actionable insights using sophisticated tools for consumer segmentation.

Our software solves key operational challenges including store business intelligence management so real-world stores can analyze footfall patterns, derive spatial analytics about how customers engage their stores across large geographical regions as well as monitor events happening at their mall locations to guide visual merchandising decisions, anticipate staffing needs and forecast product sales ahead of time.

VivoDigi is revolutionizing the way retailers predict and plan their marketing strategies. Using years of demographic data, live video feeds and other consumer insights together with cutting-edge technologies, VivoDigi delivers real time solutions that anticipate shoppers’ needs.

It’s never been so simple to capture the imagination of shoppers before they wander off elsewhere – without investing in extraneous signage or advertising.  Stay on top of trends: monitor where customers are dropping in and out from your retail spaces; analyze foot traffic patterns; identify areas for improvement ones that need fixing right now!

Applications Available for Intelligent Cities:

Camera Analytics

With VivoDigi, your store experience is tailored to each individual customer.

VivoDigi captures everything happening in the space from people and their conversations, to product interactions and conversions. This provides you with other insights into how your customers move throughout the store.

All this data can then be used for targeted marketing campaigns or even enhanced loss prevention so that you are conducting business efficiently and profitably every single day.

A multifaceted analytic solution that caters to the needs of businesses. At VivoDigi, we know that it’s not only important for your business to be data-smart but also innovative so you can identify new opportunities in an exceptionally growing digital economy. With our solutions for both customer analysis and loss prevention, you’ll be able to better manage customers while being proactive about potential risks or threats.

Digital Signage

It is no secret that the customer’s experience in a store greatly impacts their decision-making process. As such, it has become increasingly important to provide an informative and engaging in-store experience for customers via digital signage.

Digital signage offers customizable content which allows brands to tailor messages to a variety of audiences while also providing information regarding purchases that may be on viewers’ radar.

Digital signs not only support businesses by directing the flow of traffic but have found great success among retailers as a dynamic opportunity for revenue generation with targeted advertising opportunities or promotions transmitted onto LCD screens inside stores.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connect your customers to the Internet with just one click – and upsell them on what you have for sale at the same time. Connect to every customer, in their own language, and deliver personalized marketing campaigns like never before with our Wi-Fi system that integrates seamlessly into your business.