Intelligent Cities

Intelligent cities are using advanced technologies to connect, empower and engage.

Wi-Fi helps connect citizens and visitors in real time by supporting smart city services, such as connected cars or emergency dispatching.

IoT makes everything trackable from data sensors on roadways that collect traffic information to lights installed on buildings which can control the amount of power they use by dimming at night without compromising safety. AI technology is making workers more efficient by taking care of repetitive tasks like pulling up a list of potential construction sites. Digital displays keep residents informed with news updates and interactive city maps while also generating revenue from advertisers through ad placement or sponsorship agreements. Innovative cities put their IT investment to work so you can stay up-to-date on traffic reports, weather alerts, and more.

It’s the 21st century and something must be wrong if your city still doesn’t have Wi-Fi, IoT, AI or digital displays. Future-proofing your community with intelligent cities will allow citizens to connect, businesses to prosper and visitors to engage in everything that’s going on. They can help a downtown find its economic pulse again by bringing activity back into former ghost zones where locals continue living but would otherwise keep missing out on what’s happening nearby.

Applications Available for Intelligent Cities:

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way to engage, inform, and serve your visitors or customers. Technology improvements make it easier than ever to use digital display systems in smart ways that matter most to you. With our wide array of options for drives, displays, internet service connectivity and interactive touch-screens, you can find the perfect system for any size business’s needs. One of our screens will allow you to drive sales at your retail establishments or raise awareness about safety issues at tourist attractions throughout the day. You’ll be able to share pictures of items as they are sold with other businesses in an effortless partnership with our advertising partners who will take care of consumers looking for products they have already seen on Facebook feeds!

Our digital signage platform is designed to be an affordable, reliable and flexible solution capable of accessing expansive databases for information when you need it—in any language.

VivoDigi can help you build meaningful relationships with your customers and provide a personalized experience by offering up the right content at the right time. Every customer gets individualized attention that results in increased conversion rates, brand loyalty, visit frequency and sales – all from a single source!


At first, it might seem like a lot of work just to capture all the data that’s important for your business and personal life. That’s where VivoDigi comes in. With our platform, you can connect all your systems (like Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM, etc.), gather insights from them instantly on one screen, make decisions with greater ease due to having the most relevant information at your fingertips—even collaborate with colleagues who don’t have access to any of the data by simply sending them an email with a link!

Achieve 24/7 optimized operations without costly upgrades or equipment replacement by operating smarter, not harder. Make decisions better, faster, and more often so your workforce can focus on what matters most: serving their community proudly while pushing forward progress toward their vision of a world-class smart city.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Imagine a world where you can always stay updated on your favorite social media channels, browse the web, and read articles to keep up with current events. With a Wi-Fi portal at your local library, café, or park bench, this dream becomes reality. Our wifi portals provide high speeds so that users in nearly any location can enjoy their digital lifestyle hassle free!