In the hospitality industry, guests are essential.

With VivoDigi’s we offer guest-focused technology platform that delivers real-time data analytics through IoT devices, memberships, profile history, biometrics data and social media feeds from around the world.

You can create a more personalized experience for your hotel lobby catering to each individual’s needs. Rely on our programmable APIs with an easy drag-and-drop interface to accommodate any industry need of marketing automation or optimization – all while enhancing guest satisfaction and keeping up with competition.

Applications Available for Intelligent Cities:

Digital Signage

Digital signage is effective because it’s personal. It can be used to greet your guests by name, remind them of their dinner reservations, and serve them the promotions that are only available if they stay at your hotel at the time. Digital signage provides a convenient way to make sure everyone feels appreciated when they show up and leaves satisfied with the service!

With digital signage, you can demonstrate new brands while sharing special deals or events with your guests. Learn more about digital signage today!

Camera Analytics

Camera Analytics watches the crowd for suspicious individuals that need assistance or are making other patrons feel uncomfortable (e.g., assault or aggressive behavior because they have asked somebody for assistance). With a few taps on the camera dashboard, you can request law enforcement services at any time for those individuals without having to chase them around the hotel floor!

Factors include what eyeglasses, shoes or jewelry you’re wearing-and whether they match your ID card. From identifying VIPs for a comped drink, ensuring safety in public spaces and predicting call center volumes based on behaviour patterns of current customers—you can expect this new tool from VivoDigi will make every aspect of managing security that little bit easier.