Healthcare today is designed around operational innovations that save costs and time.

Healthcare today is designed around operational innovations that save costs and time while enhancing the patient experience. The focus of any organization’s digital transformation should always be on increasing safety for patients, staff members and physicians alike. VivoDigi understands this need to increase efficiency without sacrificing patient care and satisfaction.

We rely on our efficient data analytics technology to provide actionable insights across the healthcare ecosystem from emergency alerts to facility management, all while protecting confidential information from a first-party platform with top-level security protocols in place. In addition, we have extensive customer support available 24/7 so you know there will always be someone available when you need it most.

Applications Available for Intelligent Cities:

Digital Signage

Hospital signage is one of the most essential pieces of patient care and it’s also an opportunity to connect with patients, their families, and visitors. Healthcare digital signage delivers information that integrates seamlessly into hospital culture: collaborative yet professional. It caters directly to its surroundings while delivering a compelling communications strategy for your brand.

Camera Analytics

See all movement inside operational areas of your hospital, surgical center or clinic in real time to monitor patient, personnel and visitor traffic at every point across the facility. 

Our unique timeline algorithm calculates congestion indicators around any part of the map for cleanliness best practices while also providing optimal routing for efficient transportations services like carts and elevators.