Glam Wall Displays

Also known as Splicing Screen

Product Features

Stylish Design

Ultra-Narrow Frame

Remote Operation

Easy to Install

7/24 Operation


High Definition

Broad Perspective

Safe & Stable

Support Split Screen

Equipment Status Monitoring

Product Advantages

High Brightness

DID LCD Brightness is 500/700 cd/㎡

New Form of Publicity

The form of multimedia next to the goods is currently the most fashionable and novel form of advertising in shopping malls.

High Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio can reach 3000:1 > traditional PC or TV LCD screen.

Long Advertising Period

It works 365 days/year for promotion. no manual is required. The cost is extremely low. The audience is extremely broad.

Effective Cooperation With TV Advertisement

1% of TV advertising costs, 100% to deepen the effect of tv advertising. It can be consistent with the content of tv commercials, reminding consumers to buy at the sales terminals.

Applicable Scenarios

Public Places

Subway, Airport, Park, Exhibition Hall, Stadium, Museum, Conference, Lottery Center.

Educational Institution

Various Schools, Off-campus Educational Institutions, Administrative Agencies.

Financial Institution

Banks, Securities, Funds, Insurance Companies, Exchanges, Pawn Shops.

Commercial Organization

Shopping Malls, Franchises, Hypermarkets, Hotels, Travel Agencies, Restaurants.

Entertainment Venues

Cinemas, Fitness Centers, Resorts, Bars, Beauty Salons.

Real Estate

Apartments, Villas, Office Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Sales Offices.