Event Venues

VivoDigi strives to make their clients’ experience more interactive.

VivoDigi strives to make their clients’ experience at an event more interactive, enjoyable, and safe. They collect data and analytics about the room or space being used for the event and implement digital applications in order to guarantee client satisfaction.

We use a smart tool that saves time by making sure your event will have low injury rates with health as a key priority.

Applications Available for Intelligent Cities:

Digital Signage

Personalize and monetize the visitor experience with digital signage and interactive touch-screens at event sales booths, lobbies, meeting rooms, or  catering areas. With remote control of every pixel on your screen from any device without specialized training, you can display wayfinding signage, sales ads as well as contextually informed ads to provide succinct information around your venue while collecting data for more personalized messages.

Analytics Platform

Our analytics platform provides a complete view of everything going on at your event or venue, from attendee behavior to data streams. Whether you’re looking for information about when attendees are getting bored in line or waiting for food or what the most popular stalls will be tomorrow – we have it all!